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by Jocelyn Denis, 2009-01-20T14:28:23.000-08:00January 20 2009, at 02:28 PM PST

Here are the details of Jeremy’s suspension for those who wanted to know…
Jeremie Lavigne – 2 games and $25 fine for fighting, and 1 game for Major High Stick penalty. He can resume play as of February 7th.
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2008-09-26 04:39 PDT by Hynes Gladiators Management (0 Comments)

SEASON 2008 – 2009

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2008-09-24 08:26 PDT by Hynes Gladiators Management (0 Comments)

Here is a Q & A for the league this year we’ll pass along more information as we get it…
Q – When will the money be due (Season & Ins... [more]

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2008-11-11T11:34:14.000-08:00November 11 2008, at 11:34 AM PST, Jocelyn Denis said:

We lost 6-0, we were in it in the first period but blew it in the second, not bad against one of the top two teams. The goalie played well but you still have your spot for now..LOL

2008-11-11T10:59:01.000-08:00November 11 2008, at 10:59 AM PST, Alex Hay said:

How did you guys make you? Was I fired\replaced?

2008-11-01T08:51:33.000-07:00November 01 2008, at 08:51 AM PDT, Dave Ruel said:

can't play tonight (Sat Nov 1st) guys...I hurt my lower back this am, can barely move...

2008-10-03T13:20:45.000-07:00October 03 2008, at 01:20 PM PDT, Jeff Mitchell said:

Are you crazy... I aint betting then its gonna cost me 45 !!!

2008-09-30T16:57:53.000-07:00September 30 2008, at 04:57 PM PDT, Luc Babineau said:

Mitchell......what the hell are you talking about, 20 bucks says your gettin' the first fine.....haha

2008-09-30T13:15:12.000-07:00September 30 2008, at 01:15 PM PDT, Jeff Mitchell said:

I can't believe what I am reading...Your all a bunch of goons. What ever happened to playing for the enjoyment. haha

Fair Warning
Your paying your own fines :P

2008-09-30T13:11:41.000-07:00September 30 2008, at 01:11 PM PDT, Marc-Andre Poirier said:

If you can garantee to knock someone teeth out of their mouth then we may be able to get a dentist office to sponsor us and at least pay the fine... just a thought

2008-09-30T12:59:24.000-07:00September 30 2008, at 12:59 PM PDT, Hynes Gladiators Management said:

No were just going to go Broad Street Bullies on everyone they forfeit all there games...I'll break Kharlamov's ankle a la Bobby Clarke....haha...wait this isn't '72 is there a Kharlamov in the league?



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